About us

Hi everyone! We’re Ginger and Holly Howell – Welcome to the Seasonal Kitchen Cooking School, now in its 45th year of bringing great food and good times to foodies everywhere. Our menus change constantly, always using seasonal, fresh ingredients, and hopefully making life easy for the cook.

Ginger doesn’t make dishes that take hours to prepare and she doesn’t use ingredients you can’t pronounce or buy at the market. She loves to entertain, but she wants to be with her friends, not working in the kitchen! She hopes that her food is reasonably healthy, but she does admit to a certain predilection for butter, cream and chocolate – hey, it worked for Julia!

Holly is wild about wine and a Certified Sommelier from the Master Court of London. But don’t let that scare you!  Her classes are "serious" fun. Spend an hour or two with Holly and her knowledge and enthusiasm will transport to you to places from the Finger Lakes to the Greek Isles!

In between classes by the two of us, some of the best chefs in town do demonstrations here and these classes are really popular – we even have a 4-star chef from a fabulous Vermont restaurant who pops in twice a year – and he has plenty of fans!  The Seasonal Kitchen is a fun place to be. You’ll get great instruction, a terrific meal and go home armed with recipes and pairing ideas to do your own party. Come and see us. We’d love to meet you!

Schedule 2017

Wine 101 - Signs of Spring!

Monday, April 24 6:00 PM

Tuesday April 25 9:30 AM

Wednesday, April 26 6:00 PM

What will Holly pair with sweet pea and bacon crostini? And with creamy spring pasta with morels, ramps and asparagus? Surely a nice red to go with Dijonnaise Salmon and twice-baked potatoes with chives. What will be her ingenious pairing for sour cream panna cotta crowned with Grand Marnier strawberry sauce? Let’s find out! Sip, taste and celebrate all the glories of spring!

Greek Getaway

Monday, May 29 6:00 PM

Tuesday May 30 9:30 AM

Wednesday, May 31 6:00 PM

Apricot Bellinis with a scrumptious mezze platter including wine-braised artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, white bean puree and warm pitas. Grilled rosemary lamb chops with arugula feta relish, plus garden tabuli , feta garlic bread and raspberry chocolate pavlova for dessert. What’s Greek for “yum”?

Pairing Classes

  • $75

    A Taste of South America!

    Sunday, April 30   3:00 PM

    Debbie and Holly are at it again!  This time, the destination spot is South America, where the wines have become some of the most talked about in the southern hemisphere.  We'll sip our way through Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay while tasting some delectable regional specialties.  Come and join us for a virtual trip south of the border!


    Dan's Italian Favorites!

    Sunday, May 7th   3:00 PM

    We are thrilled to have Chef Dan Eaton join us at the Seasonal Kitchen!  Dan is fresh off a 12 year run as the creator of "Cooking at Home", a local cable TV segment that was enjoyed by food lovers all over Rochester. We can't wait to have him cook for us, and Holly will be uncorking some amazing Italian wines from her cellar to pair with each dish.  Italian Seafood Salad, White Bean and Swiss Chard Soup, Mushroom Risotto with Truffle Oil and Parmigiano, Creamy Polenta with Sausage, Lamb Sugo with Spinach Fettucine, and a spectacular Tiramisu await...
  • $75

    2Foodies Goes Mediterranean!

    Monday, May 15   6:00 PM

    The Mediterranean is the perfect choice for a mid-May wine and food tasting!  Andrew and Carrie Morabito from 2Foodies will be transporting us to the coastlines of Greece, Italy, France and Spain.  You can expect fabulous food and wonderful wines, and if the weather is right, we'll do it all "al fresco".  (That's Mediterranean for Outside!)

Special events


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Culinary Trips

  • The Enticing Douro 2017!

    November 7-14, 2017


    This will be an immersion into the world of Portuguese wine and food!  Begin your journey down the Douro River with its dramatic gorges, lush vineyards and tranquil fishing villages.  From Porto, continue on to the ancient and picturesque city of Lamego where you enter Spain to visit Salamanca, s well as the beautiful inland countryside and the palace and gardens of Mateus.

    Check out http://toursandwine.com/HollyHowell/ for more info!

Guest Chefs

Debbie Maruke

Debbie has been one of our most popular guest chefs for years.  She is a culinary genius, and one of the best bakers we know.  She and Holly love to do food and wine pairing classes and they are always looking for a fun new theme.  Downton Abbey?  The Titanic?  The Great Gatsby?  We are always open to ideas!  Dressing up for class is HIGHLY encouraged.


Joel Kraft

The genius behind all that diverse cuisine at St. John Fisher. Tall, handsome and incredibly talented, he should have his own Food Network Show!

Nella Neeck

Broadway Mom, former "What's For Dinner Tonight" spokesperson, and one of the best Italian cooks on the planet.  Her Lasagne should be in the National Archives!

Dan Eaton

We've been fans of Dan since we first met him years ago!  He is a Rochester signature, and has cooked in some of the area's best kitchens - the Daily Planet, the Rochester Club, Restaurant 2Vine, Rio Bamba, Tonic, Pearl, Max Rochester and Rooney's.  You also might recognize him from "Cooking at Home" with Dan Eaton on Cable News!  We are thrilled to have him as a guest chef at the Seasonal Kitchen.



Carrie and Andrew Morabito own and run the fabulous "2Foodies" Wine and Spirits Shop on Ridge Road in Greece (www.2foodies.com). Their classes feature Andrew's own homemade recipes along with a sampling of some of the unique wines that they carry in the store. Their motto - "Wine + Food = Fun!".  We couldn't agree more...

Michel Baumann

The King of the Hill, who treks over here twice a year from his 4-star Vermont restaurant (The Chantecleer), to bedazzle his fans!

Food Tidbits

  • Zucchini

    So you planted a few zucchini pants and now you’re wondering why. There’s no way to stop them from coming - your neighbors are tired of your largesse – and you’re bored to death with zucchini bread!  This chocolate cake is one of the best we’ve ever eaten.  It’s a recipe from a Cape Cod Bakery.  Frosting lovers – this one’s for you!

  • Pasta Salad Passé?

    Not on your life!  This Ziti Salad from the late, great “Store at Amagansett” is a garden in a bowl and a perfect pairing with fried chicken and a nicely chilled Dry Rosé.  Don’t even consider skipping the beef bouillon – it is the key to that amazing dressing and so is the pickle juice.  And the fresh dill, well.. just try it – bet you’re gonna love it!

  • Restaurant Review - LAURIER

    What?  You haven't been to Laurier?  We're almost loathe to brag about this little gem in charming downtown Mendon for fear that we'll never get a seat again!

  • Gorgonzola and Camembert Fondue

    Nothing is more comforting on a frigid wintry night than a bubbling pot of fondue.  A hearty appetizer that could easily become a yummy supper with sausages and/or salad.  While a Swiss fondue is always appealing, just give this twist on the tradtional a try.  You're gonna love it - I guarantee!

    Holly's Tip: Whatever wine you use in the fondue, serve that same wine as an accompaniment.  For example, if you use Riesling, serve a nice Finger Lake Riesling alongside.  If you use Sauvignon Blanc in the recipe, serve a nice bottle of Sancerre (Sauvignon Blanc from France).  Or if Chardonnay is your thing, put a little in the fondue, and serve the same wine alongside!